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How’s Your Bounce Back?

MONDAY BYTES — April 13, 2015

Musicians face rejection all the time: from auditions that don’t go as we’d hoped, to a not-so-hot review or job interview, or we may just not be getting the freelance referrals that our colleagues are.

Our egos end up bruised and we can become discouraged.

How do you respond? How do you activate your resilience so you can bounce back?

Here’s terrific short video with tips and perspective on how to deal with rejection. It’s from Dallas Travers, the actors advocate whose blog regularly includes amazing tips that are totally transferable to musicians.

in this short video offers some specific tools you won’t want to miss so take 6 minutes and check out: How to Bounce Back After a Rejection.

This week: Think about how you’ve dealt with rejection and disappointment in the past. What helped you to regain perspective and move on? Do you have any “go to” action steps that help you regroup and re-energize?

I’d love to hear what’s worked for you!

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Diagram Your Future

MONDAY BYTES — April 6, 2015

Diagrams reveal our thinking and our thinking determines our behavior and therefore our future.

This week: try a quick exercise — grab a blank, unlined piece of paper and draw a picture (using icons or symbols, or any representations you want), to signify these:
1. YOU
2. The projects you are working on
3. Your desired future

Take a look at the connections among these three. Take a look at the relationship between your projects and your future. Does your diagram show a connection among the three? Do you see cause and effect?

Add to your diagram whatever you see are impediments to completing your projects and achieving your future.

Note how you depict these challenges.

Next, think about how you’ll overcome these obstacles. Add to the diagram what you need to succeed.

I always find myself surprised by what diagrams reveal!

Want Help: Not sure why this would help or why you should bother? Check out this short 10 minute TED Talk Draw Your Future by Patti Dobrowolski.

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Need Time to Think?

MONDAY BYTES — March 23, 2015

Latest find: the Think Clearly site and handwritten newsletter—full of ideas to help clarify your ideas and plans. The brainchild of Mathias Jakobsen, the site includes a free mini online course for using drawing and basic visuals to help focus thinking and prioritize what’s important.

In this edition below, Jakobsen points out the two perhaps most important modes we have: Doing and Thinking / Reflecting. Most of us spend far more time on the former and are much the worse off for missing out on the latter.

(I’m often starved for more reflection time and am working on rebalancing these two modes.)

For this week: join me in charting your reflecting time and activities. Simply make a note in your calendar on when and maybe where you are pondering and considering ideas (as opposed to worrying, ruminating over the past, berating yourself, or projecting into the future).

Notice what helps you with the reflecting: is it reading, walking, or a stimulating conversation?

It’s amazing what 15 minutes or 30 minutes a day devoted to reflection and reading might do for us all!

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