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#1 Problem with CVs?

Monday Bytes — November 10, 2014

What’s the most common problem people have in writing an effective CV for a college teaching job?

It’s in describing their own teaching.

It’s easy to write where you taught, whenwho you taught (undergrads, grads) and what you taught (subject areas or names of courses). For private lessons it’s easy to write, “emphasize good tone production, intonation, basic musicianship, etc.”

But that will only make you a commodity: you’ll look on paper just like the 200 other applicants for the job.

The real challenge is describing HOW you teach—How you create rapport with students, engage and motivate them—HOW (& WHY) you are effective, creative, and innovative.

The HOW is how you distinguish yourself from the 200 other applicants.

Questions that help get at the HOW:
Did you design any of the curriculum you use? (Don’t tell us it was innovative and effective; instead detail HOW)
Any noteworthy examples can you think of?
Tell me about a ‘problem’ student or a challenge in a class and how you turned these into success stories
What do you do in your teaching that students seem surprised by and find fun and effective?
Describe the last time you thought to yourself: THIS is why I teach. What were you doing specifically?

For this week: Take a look at your CV; does it answer the HOW question?

Bonus: Take a look at your bio; does it answer the WHY question?

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Where Do You Fit In?

Monday Byres — November 3, 2014

Where are you in the arts ecosystem?

The term “arts ecosystem” refers to the big picture view of how the arts function structurally and economically in a culture or specific community.

For one big picture overview of the live performing arts sector, check out this quick video (1:57) from the Canadian Arts Presenters Association.

The advantage of thinking big picture is that it allows us to examine how sectors of our industry and society relate and connect to each other, and where there may be new opportunities.

So where are YOU in the arts ecosystem? 

Let’s zoom in to map your own arts ecosystem, which most likely includes more than simply live performances. Some of the best reasons for doing this to identify where you want to create stronger connections, benefits, or partnerships, as well as possible new opportunities.

To map your own arts ecosystem, ask yourself:
1. Who benefits from your work?
(Include each of your various kinds of work)
2. Who partners with you for each type of work?
(which individuals and organizations)
3. What are the key organizations and players you interact with?
(or want to interact with)
4. What are the different income streams you generate?
5. What else beyond money is being exchanged or contributed?
(space, time, expertise)

[PS: This week's byte was inspired by a terrific conversation I had with John Steinmetz: if you don't know his work, check him out, and thanks, John!]

For this week: Draw a concept map of your own arts ecosystem. Include who benefits form your work and who participates or assists in your work. Then reflect on this and ask what new components and opportunities could be added.

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Resource Me!

Monday Bytes — October 27, 2014

Here’s a resource I recently discovered: Noted Endeavors, a video blog on Musical America hosted by Eugenia Zukerman and Emily Ondracek-Peterson, whose doctoral dissertation focused on musicians’ careers.

Noted Endeavors is a series of short video interviews with dynamic entrepreneurial musicians—offering practical advice in 3-4 minute bites. The videos cover topics range from fundraising and grant writing, to branding, and how to price tickets for your performances.

Question for the week: Where are you turning for ideas, perspective, and inspiration in how you move ahead in your career?

I’d love to hear what portals you have found and recommend!

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